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favorite female performances in horror movies: Marley Shelton as Dr. Dakota Block in Planet Terror


Sharknado 2 has half the cast as women, two black women with large roles, a pretty decent amount of POC extras, AND it passes the Bechdel test. Absolutely incredible.

I’ve always said if you can’t find a friend, make one.

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the world wildlife fund estimates that each year 4.4 million sharks are unintentionally caught as bycatch from unregulated commercial tuna fisheries using long lines and drift nets. a shark caught in a net will suffocate to death. shark numbers have declined by as much as 80 per cent worldwide, with a third of all species now threatened by extinction (pew charitable trusts). photos by (click pic) fiona ayerst, adam baughterry maas and brian skerry



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Pizza Party Printing have preorders up now for their reprinting of this awesome Creepshow shirt!

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